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Failure to Thrive see Infant health

Family planning

Farsightedness see Eye problems

Female Sexual Dysfunction see
        Women's Health: Sexually transmitted infection and HIV/AIDS

Female Sterilization see Family planning


Fertility see Maternal health and prenatal care

Fetal Ultrasound see Maternal health and prenatal care

First Aid see First Aid Series

First Aid Series

Fistula, Obstetric see Mother and Child Health Series


Flea Bites see First Aid: Bites and stings

Flu (influenza)

Flu see Upper respiratory tract infection; Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)

Fluid and Electrolyte Balance see Diarrhea information for health workers

Food Additives see Nutrition for adults


Foodborne Diseases

Food Poisoning see Gastroenteritis

Food safety

Fractures see First Aid: Fractures

Frostbite see First Aid: Cold injuries