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Eyes and Vision


Conjunctivitis, Express A Guide for Grass Roots Audiences: This module describes conjunctivitis, known as pink eye or red eye. It explores the signs and symptoms, causes, treatments and conjunctivitis in children.

Diabetes The Diabetes Series provides a thorough description of type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes. Practical skills for managing diabetes are discussed, along with diagnosis options.

Eye Problems This module explains typical eye problems, anatomy, common eye conditions and vision problems.

Vision Overview This module describes vision and the visual system, structural and functional eye disorders, eye diseases, brain disorders and injuries affecting eyesight, treatment of visual problems, eye tests and examinations, with an emphasis on eye care to see better and to prevent eye problems.

Vision Screening for Community Health Workers This module enables community health workers to describe the visual system, including naming parts of the eye and relating how the eye functions; to carry out a simple vision test with children and adults; perform an Amsler Grid Test; and to explain the elements of a comprehensive eye examination by an eye doctor.