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Benefiting Orphans Through Art


ART FOR ORPHANS 2001 is a unique opportunity to purchase original artwork from children in Croatia and Bosnia. Your donation supports WiREDís Balkans Orphanage Fund, which provides the tools necessary for these children to experience the benefits of information and communication resources enjoyed by children in Western countries.


Art from BosniablankArt from Bosnia

These pictures were drawn by one of 6,500 children in Sarajevo, Bosnia, who are cared for by IKRE after their parents were killed during the war in Bosnia. IKRE was founded by the Sarajevo City Assembly in October 1993. IKREís goal is to provide orphans with a stable family and economic and psychological assistance as they recover from their consuming losses and prepare for their futures in an unsettled region of the world. IKRE is no longer a resident facility, but a placement and support service for orphans.


For more information about this project please call: +1 (650) 728-2828.