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December 2019: WiRED Wraps up its 22nd Year, Prepares for 2020


WiRED International’s staff, volunteers and board celebrate the end of our 22nd year of providing free community health education in low-resource regions of the world. WiRED’s hundreds of training programs in our Health Learning Center prepare people in a wide variety of topics such as mother and child health, infectious and non-communicable diseases, diabetes control, HIV/AIDS and more. Read more »



December 2019: Holiday Greetings from WiRED

All of us at WiRED International would like to wish happy holidays to the many people who have become part of our family since we began our work 22 years ago: doctors and nurses, community health workers and people in low-resource areas who have used our training materials to advance their knowledge of medicine and community health. Read more »



December 2019: Stay Healthy This Holiday Season

The holiday season is here — but so are the germs that bring colds, coughs and flu.


Staying healthy begins with the basics: sticking to a balanced diet, drinking lots of clean water, washing hands often, practicing good hygiene, avoiding tobacco and getting enough rest. WiRED International emphasizes the importance of these basics and more in hundreds of our health learning modules, but especially in our Adult Nutrition Module, Handwashing Module and Tobacco Cessation Modules. Read more »



December 2019: Global Climate and Health Summit Convenes in Madrid

On December 7, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Global Climate and Health Alliance assembled a one-day Global Climate and Health Summit in Madrid. The goal was to highlight the urgent need to take action and to strengthen collaboration across health organizations and stakeholders. Read more »



December 2019: Malnutrition is a World Health Crisis

To most of us, the holiday season brings plenty of good food — and too often too much of it. While obesity is growing all over the world, millions of people, especially children, in low-resource areas suffer from hunger all year round. Read more »



December 2019: December 1 is World AIDS Day

The theme of this year’s World AIDS Day is “Communities make the difference.” The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that communities of people living with HIV and community health workers play a key role in the fight against HIV/AIDS, which is on WHO’s list of the 10 threats to global health. Read more »



November 2019: Happy Thanksgiving from WiRED International

WiRED International’s board and volunteers wish you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving. This is an American holiday, begun nearly 400 years ago, when immigrants and indigenous people joined in a harvest celebration. Since then, each November, we have embraced the spirit of sharing. While we give thanks for the blessings in our lives, we also remember the people in need who live in our own communities and around the world. Read more »



November 2019: Healthy Practices Benefit Pregnant Women

An expectant mother’s health determines the health of her baby. In low-resource areas of the world, women receive too little information and scant professional attention about healthy practices during their pregnancies. Read more »






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