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Farmers request assistance to bring life back to the land in Croatia

The Medtronic Foundation, WiRED, Euroregional Commission and Tuzla Medical School join in the celebration.

The municipality of Dragalic suffered massive destruction during the war from 1991 to 1995. Farms, housing, crop lands, equipment all were destroyed. To make matters even worse, the armies planted landmines throughout the area and even today, long after the fighting has ended, the deadly mines plague the population.

In many areas, however, the mines have been removed, and the first crops in nearly ten years are being planted. Given the decade-long down-time, the equipment that wasn't destroyed has corroded and become obsolete. It is difficult to obtain adequate financing to achieve the necessary rehabilitation, particularly for heavy farming equipment such as tractors, ploughs, and other staples of the farming operation.

WiRED is assisting family farmers by providing Internet-linked computers that enable them to obtain the latest agricultural information and to seek advice from farming experts in other countries. We also are offering to assist them through our Website and other facilities to obtain the equipment they need to rebuild their farming operations.

Stjepan Mihic of Poljane has a family of five ranging in age from 1 to fourteen. His farm consists of 20 hectares (approx. 50 acres), 17 of which are leased. He raises corn, barley, and wheat, as well as onions, carrots, and paprika. His livestock consists of pigs and cattle, five of them producing milk. He is in immediate need of a plough and a tractor.

Mrko Bunjevac has a family of three children aged two, nine, and fourteen. His farm consists of 15 hectares (approx. 27 acres), 10 of which are leased. He raises corn, wheat, and barley, and his livestock consists of pigs and milk cattle. He is in immediate need of a tractor and wheat sower.

Zoran Bilacic of Dragalic has a wife and two elementary school aged children. He leases a farm that consists of 55 hectares (approx. 137 acres) and grows grains and other crops. He is in immediate need of a tractor and plough.

Ilija Mutnjakovic of Gorice lives with his mother and three brothers. He owns a farm that is 20 hectares (approx. 50 acres) and produces wheat, corn and barley. His livestock includes pigs. He is in immediate need of a corn cutter and a press for hay and straw.

If you would like to assist these farmers in Dragalic who need your help, please contact WiRED.
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